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D&V and its employees are very active and involved in the industry and our surrounding communities.  Whether we've hired a new member of our team, completed a major project, or are involved in a community activity, we want to keep you apprised of what's happening within the company and around the industry.

Duran & Venables' Partners with Habitat for Humanity to Help Families

hfhMay 3, 2006 Milpitas, CA - Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) by preparing a construction site for a new home at 312 Willow Street in San Jose. The home is being built for a family with two children, one of whom is in a wheelchair. In its 20-year history, this is the first unit Habitat has built to accommodate a handicapped child. The home is also the first project in the region administered by Habitat’s new Women Build program, which brings together women from all social-economic conditions to address the problem of children in poverty by building homes.

The Willow Street home, with an expected value of $600,000 next year, is the latest Habitat project to bring together a caring group of companies and people throughout the area who wish to give back to the community through support, services and volunteer time.

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