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D&V and its employees are very active and involved in the industry and our surrounding communities.  Whether we've hired a new member of our team, completed a major project, or are involved in a community activity, we want to keep you apprised of what's happening within the company and around the industry.

Duran & Venables Raises Food for a Good Cause

food-drive-2012November, 15 2012 Milpitas, CA – Duran & Venables, a local grading and paving company, helped raise a mountain of food for the Milpitas Food Pantry, which marks their 6th year in a row for this charity event. “This event has become so essential in keeping up morale for our company and vendors, as well as our community,” said Sean Venables, president of Duran & Venables. “With the help of employees and vendors, we were able to collect nearly 4500 pounds of food to donate to the Pantry.”

The Milpitas Food Pantry is part of the Second Harvest Food Bank, which assists residents of Milpitas and Alviso by an emergency food box program that distributes food to low and no-income residents. They also assist a number of elderly and homeless populations as well. Tom Warney, Chairman of the Food Pantry Board of Directors, attended the event and was impressed by the quantity of food that Duran & Venables was able to collect. “I was so glad to be able to witness firsthand what people in our community can accomplish in such a short period of time. This was an incredible event!”

Duran & Venables Paves the Way for Local Food Pantry

food-bank-logoSeptember 10, 2009 Milpitas, CA - In another successful attempt at raising food and other goods for The Milpitas Food Pantry, Duran & Venables’ 3rd Annual Food Drive exceeded expectations. A leading provider of grading and paving construction services in Northern California, Duran & Venables kicked off its month-long food drive to help raise food by hosting a barbeque for employees, vendors, and members of the local community. With the help of employees and vendors, the Food Drive was able to raise nearly two tons of food. “It is important to continue this tradition, even in the face of a challenging economy,” explained Sean Venables, president of Duran & Venables. “Participating with the Milpitas Food Pantry in this drive is especially important now because it has become increasingly more difficult for service organizations to help our community. The Food Drive is an admirable way of bringing our company together to assist our community, the very same effort we make for our customers.”

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